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person dropping paper on box

Village Board Elections

The Village has three four-year terms up and one two-year term that will be on the ballot April 4, 2023.  If you are interested in running, pick up a candidacy packet at the office between the hours of 10 am to 2:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Large Item Dropoff

This Saturday November 5th from 8 to noon the village will host a large item drop-off.

The dumpsters will be located at the park and the library driveway. Residents will need to unload their items into the dumpster.

Items not allowed to be dropped of:

Waste Oil



Yard/Landscape Waste

Major Appliances


Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Septic Tank Waste

Containerized/ Bulk Liquid 


Medical/Hospital Waste

Highly Flammable or Volatile Substances


Regulated Infectious Waste

Regulated Hazardous Waste

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

Radioactive Materials

man holding a megaphone

Updated: Trailer

The Village of Jerome is looking for the owner of the trailer parked in the 1500 block of Reed Ave. Please get in touch with the village office at 217-546-2203 between 10 am and 2 pm.

halloween candies

Halloween Party

The Village of Jerome will be having Trick or Treat inside this year in the Civic
Center on Saturday, October 29, 2022, from 10:30 am to 12:00(Noon) or until
supplies last.
The Village will be handing out candy and we’re asking for your help in donating
either candy or a monetary gift to purchase the candy.
We look forward to hearing from you and would appreciate any donation. Please
contact our office at 217-546-2203 between the hours of 10:00 am and 1:00 pm for
any questions or candy drop-off.

gardener cutting branches of tree in garden

Tree Trimming

To all Jerome residents:  The Department of Public Works will be conducting tree trimming regarding all light of sight and Village right-of-way issues beginning on October 16, 2022, and continuing until completed.  The entire ordinance -400.3-12 -can be viewed on the Village website.  Violations include but are not limited to tree branches less than 12 feet off the ground or that overhang the street and street intersection clearance.  

If you have any questions regarding this work, please call Public Health Trustee Christina Smith at (217) 801-3828

man holding a megaphone

Tentative Street Work Schedule

Friday 9/23/22  – Milling and Patching of Leonard St.

Monday 9/26/22 – Chip Seal application to Leonard St.

Thursday 9/29/22 – Microsurfacing of the following Streets

1. Maple Ave from Park Ave to 1st Evergreen Ct. entrance.

2. Thayer Ave.

3. S. Lincoln Ave from Urban to Wabash

4. W. Glenn Ave from Leonard St to Fillmore

5. Homewood Ave. from Leonard St. to Fillmore

Friday 9/30/22- Microsurfacing the following Streets

1. W. Glenn Ave from Leonard St. to Welch St.

2. Homewood Ave. from Leonard St. to Welch St.

3. Urban Ave.

4. Maple Ave. from the west Evergreen Ct. entrance to MacArthur Blvd.

Monday 10/3/22 – Microsurfacing the following streets

1. Leonard St.

2. Welch St.

Schedule is dependent upon weather. Residents will be notified day before work is started on their street. Please remove all vehicles, garbage cans, etc from street or gutter prior to work starting. Notify any contractors, deliveries to reschedule.

Important Street Repair Information

Starting September 22nd, 2022 (weather dependent) the Village of Jerome will be conducting Street Restoration Projects throughout the Village.
Streets will be closed periodically and for multiple hours during the day while work is completed.
Once a Street is barricaded off absolutely NO access will be allowed unless it’s an Emergency!
Closures will average 3 to 4 hours each.
The schedule is as follows: (weather dependent)
9/22/22- Patching of Leonard St. Starting 700 AM, may be pushed to 9/23/22
9/23/22 or 9/26/22- Chip Sealing of Leonard St. Start time 700AM
9/27 through 9/30/22 – Micro surfacing of the following Streets

  1. Welch St.
  2. Homewood Ave.
  3. W. Glenn Ave. (from Welch St. to Fillmore Ave.)
  4. Leonard St.
  5. Maple Ave.
  6. Urban Ave.
  7. Thayer Ave.
  8. S. Lincoln Ave. (from Urban to Wabash Ave.)

    Please follow posted signs and closures and adjust accordingly.
    More information will be posted on the Village of Jerome website.
    Any Questions should be directed to Public Works directly at 217-546-9647.

Leonard St. Road Work (UPDATED)

ATTENTION Village of Jerome residents on Leonard St.:

 Starting Thursday September 22nd, 2022 at 7:00 AM The Village of Jerome has hired a contractor to mill and patch several areas on Leonard St. in conjunction with a chip seal application. This activity will take place over two days. Please refrain from parking on Leonard St. on 22nd and 23rd.

Following the patching of Leonard St., a chip seal will be applied to the entirety of Leonard St. from Wabash Ave. to Iles Ave. During the chip seal application no traffic will be allowed on Leonard St. until the chips have been firmly pressed into the oil. This process is called “cape sealing”, and is the first step in completing a microsurfacing project that is tentatively scheduled to begin on September 26th, 2022. More information on the microsurfacing project will follow shortly.All cars MUST be off the street prior to application of the chip seal or they will be towed at owners expense.

NOTE: This article was updated 9/20 at 8:26am due to weather delaying the project.