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The Zoning Ordinance was passed by the Jerome Village Board on May 19, 1962.

The purpose and intent of this department is conserving the taxable value of land and buildings throughout the Village.

A Zoning Commission was created and the members are appointed by the Village Board. The Zoning Department was designed to accomplish certain standards and objectives by regulating and restricting construction, reconstruction, alteration and use of any buildings, structures of land, whether for a residence or a business.

Any resident wishing to alter, in any way, the use of land or buildings in the Village, must comply with this Building Code. An application for permit is required if any construction and/or alteration on land or structures in the Village. These permits must be obtained before the work starts.

A Building Permit Application form can be obtained at the Village office and should be submitted with a plan drawing. The cost of the permit is moderate.

The Jerome Zoning & Planning Commission regulates building and zoning issues in the Village. The Commission is composed of 7 Commission members plus the Village President and Building & Zoning Trustee. The members are appointed at the recommendation of the Village President with the approval of the Village Board. The Commission’s purpose is to regulate construction, reconstruction, alteration and use of any buildings or structures of land for both residences and businesses.

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