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Month: September 2020

Census 2020 – Letter from Village President Mike Lopez

As Village President of Jerome, I wanted to talk to you about an important event that is now taking place across the country. It is the US Census. Every ten years the census takes a count of everyone living in the United States. We need your help to assure that everyone is counted in Jerome!

The data is used by the state and federal government in the allocation of funding for government services in Jerome. Funding for programs are all dependent on the census count. It has been reported that this amounts to approximately $1,200 per person per year. This would be $4,800 per year for a family of four. For the ten years that the census covers, that would be $48,000 for that family!

The current self-response rate for Jerome is only 82%. This means that 18% of households in Jerome who received the census survey have not yet responded. This is a major issue. We need to have a complete count to receive adequate funding for our government services. Please complete your census today, we really need your help!

There are many ways you can complete the census. You can go online at, you can call the US Census number at (844) 330-2020 (open from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. daily), or if you have the paper survey, you can send it in the postal mail. The whole process normally only takes about ten minutes. That ten minutes will help us for the next ten years. The census data is safe and secure.

If you have not completed the census, please do so today. It does not matter if you own or rent your home, everyone needs to be counted! Please make certain you count everyone living at your home, regardless if they are related to you. All the census data is confidential.

Michael P. Lopez Village of Jerome President

Street Sweeping

Starting September 14th, 2020 the Village of Jerome Public Works will be sweeping along
streets and valley gutters. We are asking that residents, visitors, and contractors refrain
from parking and or placing garbage cans in the gutters on the following streets during the
hours of 7:30 am to 2:30 pm until September 18th, 2020 at 2:30 pm.
The streets and dates
listed are in the order they will be done. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Welch St. 9/14/20
  • Homewood Ave. 914/20
  • Glenn Ave. 9/14/20-9/15/20
  • Leonard St. 9/15/20
  • Owens Ln. 9/15/20
  • Homewood Ct. 9/15/20-9/16/20
  • Barbara Ct. 9/16/20
  • Reed Ct. 9/16/20
  • W. Grand Ct. 9/16/20
  • Calland Dr. 9/16/20
  • Lincoln (Iles to Maple) 9/17/20
  • Alberta Ln. 9/17/20
  • Scott Ct. 9/17/20
  • JeromeAve. 9/17/20

Will also be doing other streets and areas as needed.

This will allow us to properly clean the valley gutters to allow for proper water flow.
Any questions please contact Public Works 217-546-9647