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Road Closures starting June 3, 2024

The following roads will be closed for Public Works
to complete the water repairs starting on June 3, 2024

  1. Leonard St. closed At W. Glenn Ave.
  2. W. Iles Ave. closed to through traffic at Fillmore St.
  3. W. Iles Ave. closed to through traffic at Welch St.
  4. Entire intersection of W. Iles Ave. and Leonard St. closed.
  5. Detour for Leonard St. is: W. Glenn Ave. to either Fillmore St. or Welch St.
  6. Detour for W. Iles Ave. is: Fillmore St. to W. Glenn Ave. or Welch St. to W. Glenn



Beginning today, Tuesday, December 19, around 3:30 p.m., water service will be interrupted to customers along Iles Avenue between S. MacArthur Boulevard and S. Owens Lane due to water main break repairs. Service is estimated to be restored by 10 p.m. tonight barring no unforeseen issues.

Iles Avenue may be closed to traffic in both directions during the work. Lanes will remain closed after repairs until road surface work is completed. Motorists should plan for alternative routes and slow down and be aware of the construction and repair crews and equipment in and near roadways.

Water Dispatch at 217-789-2323 ext. 2 can assist customers with any questions. Updates on work if available will be posted on CWLP’s Facebook and X (Twitter) pages.

Image of the Jerome PD badge.

PSA: Please Lock Your Cars and Homes

Yesterday a resident parked their car in their driveway on Iles Ave around 10:00 am. The vehicle was left unlocked with a purse in the car. At 12:30 pm the resident found that her purse had been stolen. Officers searched along Iles Ave, but could not locate the missing property. Jerome residents located the purse and wallet on different sides of the village. Thank you to the residents that helped get the victim’s property back.

Please remember that thieves don’t just operate at night. Be aware and lock your home and cars even if you are home.

Chief of Police
Mark Estill

Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels

Crime Alert

The Jerome Police would like to get the word out to the residents of Jerome to please lock your vehicle doors. Also, do not leave the keys or key fobs in the vehicle. In the past few nights, we have had a car stolen on South Lincoln Avenue and several cars entered along West Grand Court and Fillmore Street. All of the vehicles entered or burglarized in Jerome have been left unlocked. Subjects will walk the village at all hours of the night going from car to car looking for valuable items and money. If the car door is locked, they just go to the next one until they find an unlocked door. We have found there are several groups doing this in and around Springfield, Jerome, Southern View, and Leland Grove. If you see somebody walking in your area that looks suspicious to you please call the non-emergency number 217-753-6666.

Vacation Watch

Are you planning a vacation soon?  The Jerome Police Department can help keep an eye on your residence while you’re gone.  There are two options.

The first is to have the Jerome Police Department perform extra patrols by your residence.  For shorter vacations, this will allow the department to keep an eye on your residence without drawing extra attention to the fact that you are out of town.  A second option is to have the police department do a vacation check on your residence.  This entails an officer parking at your residence and going around the property checking to ensure it is secure and undamaged.  Because the officer makes a thorough check of the property, it can alert people that the property is currently vacant.  Generally this is a better option for longer vacations or if you know you will be leaving the residence vacant for a long period of time.

Both types of vacation watch can be requested using this form by dropping off the completed form at the Village Hall.