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Month: June 2023


The Village President has issued a local emergency proclamation regarding the severe storm that ravaged through the Village of Jerome on July 29, 2023.

Power Outage

The Village of Jerome is aware of the inconvenience the power outage has on the residents. CWLP has stated they are aware of the outage in our area and they have no timeline on when power will be restored. Here is a link to the outage map.

stainless faucet

Water Issue

Due to current weather, Lake Springfield is stagnant and very warm.  A perfect incubator for algae growth that causes taste and odor compounds.  They are not harmful, but can give a dirty taste to the water.  CWLP is  feeding powdered activated carbon to help with the taste, but it will not remove it completely.

Copies of the information will be posted and available at the Village office.

man with fireworks

4th of July Parade

4th of July Parade will be on Tuesday July 4, 2023 at 9:00 am. The parade will start at the Village Hall and work its way down several streets. Hyvee has donated hot dogs, water and chips. If you would like to join in the parade route contact the Village Office at 217-546-2203.

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