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Month: April 2024

Branch/Limb Pick Up for 2024

Limb pickup will take place the week of May 6th, 2024, August 12, 2024, and November 4, 2024, as the tentative dates depending on budget constraints. All limb piles must be placed along the street edge BEFORE 7:00am the morning of those above dates.   Any piles placed after 7:00am on the above dates WILL NOT be picked up. Piles must not be placed out any earlier than 1 WEEK prior to pick up dates. (per Ordinance) Size of pile restrictions are still in place per Ordinance. Any piles larger than 6ft wide x 4ft tall x 8ft long are considered oversize and will require a $75.00 fee to be paid before pickup will occur. Residents who either have “Oversized” piles, or were late setting piles out will be notified via a letter stating why their pile was not removed, and any fees owed, and where to pay fees. Any questions can be directed to Public Works Supervisor David Wilken directly at 217-546-9647. 

Limbs/Branch Piles WILL NOT be Picked Up

Currently, there are several limb piles that have been placed at the street too early and will not be picked up by the Village Public Works, per our Village ordinances. Residents will need to arrange removal at their expense. Residents can only place limbs out front one week prior to pick up. Earliest date would be Monday April 29, 2024, for the May 6, 2024, pick up.