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Public Works

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Boil Order Lifted

The Precautionary Boil order for the Village of Jerome is lifted as of today Saturday, January 14, 2023.

All water is safe to drink and cook with. Samples that were sent to the ILLINOIS EPA have come back clear.

The Precautionary Boil order was a safe guard due to pressures dropping below 20 psi. No further action is required.
All entities required by law will be notified of the lifting of the Precautionary Boil order per Public Works Supervisor Dave Wilken.

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Emergency Water Valve Repair

An emergency water main valve repair is needed. It will begin at 8 AM Thursday, January 12th, 2023. The valve is located on Fillmore and Vernon Ave.

Areas that will be affected include:

  • Fillmore St. from Reed Ave to Jerome Ave.
  • Vernon Ave from Leonard St. to Fillmore St.
  • Potentially Alberta Ln. may need to be shut down if not able to locate the valve at Fillmore St.

Roads closed will include Vernon Ave. before Fillmore and Fillmore from W. Grand CT. to Alberta Ln.

stainless faucet

Water Main Break

We have been made aware of a water main break in the 1600 block of W Glenn. Due to the current temperatures and wind chills being very dangerous, work on repair will be delayed until tomorrow morning at 8am.

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Tree Trimming

To all Jerome residents:  The Department of Public Works will be conducting tree trimming regarding all light of sight and Village right-of-way issues beginning on October 16, 2022, and continuing until completed.  The entire ordinance -400.3-12 -can be viewed on the Village website.  Violations include but are not limited to tree branches less than 12 feet off the ground or that overhang the street and street intersection clearance.  

If you have any questions regarding this work, please call Public Health Trustee Christina Smith at (217) 801-3828

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Tentative Street Work Schedule

Friday 9/23/22  – Milling and Patching of Leonard St.

Monday 9/26/22 – Chip Seal application to Leonard St.

Thursday 9/29/22 – Microsurfacing of the following Streets

1. Maple Ave from Park Ave to 1st Evergreen Ct. entrance.

2. Thayer Ave.

3. S. Lincoln Ave from Urban to Wabash

4. W. Glenn Ave from Leonard St to Fillmore

5. Homewood Ave. from Leonard St. to Fillmore

Friday 9/30/22- Microsurfacing the following Streets

1. W. Glenn Ave from Leonard St. to Welch St.

2. Homewood Ave. from Leonard St. to Welch St.

3. Urban Ave.

4. Maple Ave. from the west Evergreen Ct. entrance to MacArthur Blvd.

Monday 10/3/22 – Microsurfacing the following streets

1. Leonard St.

2. Welch St.

Schedule is dependent upon weather. Residents will be notified day before work is started on their street. Please remove all vehicles, garbage cans, etc from street or gutter prior to work starting. Notify any contractors, deliveries to reschedule.